In 2016 stonden 4 trainingen op de agenda:

  • pro business writing: hoe beheers je het ultieme business verhaal in alle aspecten
  • applied design thinking: hoe identificeer en vertaal je relevante ontwikkeling in business design?
  • mastering city enterprise: hoe ontdek en betrek je de sociale en innovatiewaarde van betrokken burgers?
  • collective impact: hoe bereik en betrek je een groot publiek?

Trainingen en presentaties worden gehouden in het hart van historisch Leiden in het gloednieuwe Waag Leiden.

Volg @EvertJanKoning voor updates over de nieuwe 2017 trainingen!

VUE Academy brings career-changing experiences and skills to professionals. We go beyond traditional methods, combining powerful theory, rigorous professional practice and creative innovation. Our ground-breaking model enables professionals to produce content and concepts with great impact.


The teachers conducting the courses we offer have earned their reputation in practice. They normally have extensive experience as a consultant, designer, strategist or innovations manager. In addition to this experience, they also have a good knowledge of science, models and strategies enabling them more than anyone else be able to bridge the gap between strategy and practice.


waagtrainingThe location where the lectures are held is Waag Leiden, an inspiring and state of the art venue for training and equipped with a fantastic atmosphere. 

Waag Leiden is not only a fastastic place to gather for an enlightening session on design, innovation and creativity, it's also a  set on top of a wonderful location to have a drink.

So after the training there's plenty of opportunity to connect with your peer creatives and have a drink. Have a look inside?


How to get there? Waag is located at the Aalmarkt 21 in Leiden, 

Parking Only 2 minutes walking distance is a 24-hour guarded car park, in the Breestraat (above Hoogvliet). The address for navigation is Kaardesteeg 11.  From the parking garage, take the exit (Breestraat) and then after a few hundred meters turn right into the Mandemakers Lane. At the end of this alley you will find Venture on your right.
This P tariff is € 0,50 per 20 minuten and up to € 12, - per day.

The opening hours are: Monday till Saturday 7.00 AM - 24.00 PM


Your investment for this course is EUR 1.695, - (ex VAT). This amount includes: lectures, catering and literature. You will leave the course with new knowledge and insights on content strategy and content marketing and make valuable contacts during the course.



Trend Forecasts

Ever since the early days of internet VUE has been renowned for an extreme capability to sensor and explain trends and the impact they have on behavior.

Informed people shape better organizations.




Vue offers a limited series of bespoke training options to reflect the currently most impactful trends in technology and design.

Anything can be designed.




You are experiencing that ideas and innovation is traveling with light speed. But what about a forecast of the most promising trends?

VUE carefully shapes a Yearly Trend Update.




Our workshops are designed to empower and inspire your team to solve particular organizational, brand or design problems creatively.

Rethink and discover what you can do.

Workshop Story Design

June 29 (1 day)
  • Trainer: Evert Jan Koning
  • Location: Waag Leiden
  • Lunch: Included
  • Maximum 12 Students (Minimum 6)

Professional Story Design

Aug 30 (3 Days)
  • Trainer: Evert Jan Koning
  • Location:Waag Leiden
  • Lunch: Included
  • Maximum 12 Students (Minimum 6)

Applied Design Thinking

Sep 27 - 29 (3 Days)
  • Trainer: Marco van Hout
  • Location: Waag Leiden
  • Lunch: Included
  • Maximum 12 Students (Minimum 6)

Applied Design Thinking

Nov 29 (3 days)
  • Trainer: Evert Jan Koning
  • Location: Waag Leiden
  • Lunch: Included
  • Maximum 12 Students (Minimum 6)