Ironically living in an era of endless opportunities and rapidly followed developments makes designing of a sustainable design quite complicated. That’s why we spend a lot of time on research.

We research people, motives and emotions. We have a look at context and the impact societal change has on brands and design. How do people experience your services and product? And what can we do to design your media, product and services to make them be rated meaningful?

VUE offers a stimulating way of design and we involve you.

Trend Framework

Analyzing trends can be a complex process. Therefore, we use a specially developed trend framework to apply to the context of your organization. We include individual, group, era and context with a framework that clarifies the formation of trends.

The process is set up in 4 steps.

  • observations; what is driving this trend?
  • identifying needs; why people like this?
  • expectations; what we can expect from this trend?
  • examples; what we see around us happen?
Etnographic Research

We also spend time on the potential users of new services, and learn a lot about their habits, their preferences, their needs and concerns. Ethnographic studies provide rich data to understand the actual experiences of consumers. It is a useful addition to the design perspective of developers and marketing experts.

The process consists of 4 steps:

  • objectivity; disabling a personal (pre) judgment
  • interview; what does this service mean to people?
  • survey; qualitative research. and what numbers are involved?
  • observation; participation in the life of people while maintaining a professional distance
Design Tookit

dtkVUE works with a context- and topic related toolkit of design methods.

This toolkit enables us to meet any challenge and helps all participants in our projects in a clear and logical understanding of the process, including key performance indicators.