Story Design for Professionals

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: Advanced
  • Location: Leiden
  • Number of Alumni: max 12 (Minimum 6)



Why this training?

Traditional marketing and design are challenged by personal and impactful stories.
This has a significant impact on the way you organization is dealing wit the communication process, with media management, and with the competences and skills of your team.

Our 3 day training Professional Story Design helps your team with answers to the questions: How do I develop stories that have both impact on creating content and the design of you media and products? How do I apply stories in all segments of an organization, both physical and digital? How do I create, produce and organize robust and engaging stories? And how do I get the business writing aligned with business strategy?



  • Day 1: Content Strategy, Trends & Choice of Theme
  • Day 2: Mapping and Making The Story
  • Day 3: Applying & Organizing the Story & Opportunities (and drinks in the afternoon)

Day 1: Content Strategy, Choice of Theme and Organization

Today you will learn how to analyze the potentially best issues and stories and how to convert these insights into a business writing agenda. You will learn how to define a strategy based on the actual information needs of your audience and you will learn how to set up story in different formats for different media and objectives.

You will learn how to define an impactful content strategy based upon the story, and based on actual information needs of your audience. You will learn how to set up objectives, how to deal with the tasks and responsibilities of the content team and how to grip keep the overall implementation process. You will learn more about how you can make the right strategic foundations to achieve a successful content, media and design strategy for your story for and you will learn how to embed your story structurally in the organization.

Day 2: Mapping and Making The Story

In part 2 you get new knowledge and understanding of a business story, the use of a mapping strategy and  to design your own stories..

  • The story matrix
  • Theories of Great Stories
  • Making your Story

Day 3: Applying & Organizing the Story & Opportunities

During this day you will learn how to use your story in numerous ways to bring the story to life in both an online content strategy, through physical and social media, through design. You will learn how to create scenario’s, how to shape a storytelling agenda and we will teach you how to equip yourself with practical tools to dramatically enhance your impact. This day will start explaining the theories of storytelling with epic examples and you will learn its relationship to leadership. The practical part of storytelling will explore the best structure for your story, storytelling techniques, and the characteristics and use of different types of stories. And because the programme is highly practical, you can put your learning into action immediately.

Day 3: Applying the story in the Media Mix and using Trends and Opportunities

  • The use of media and applying the story
  • Organizing your story
  • Opportunities to make your story count in media, design and relations

The last day is fully dedicated to the organization of the chosen strategy, theme and story format and maximizing the effect. We will collect trends and see how the can enforce your story in the benefit of your brand, product design or organization. You will also learn how to use the most popular features of social media and how to integrate your story in these media. On the final part of today you will gain insights in how to maximize the potential of your story for media, relations and product design



After completing the workshop you will be able to independently create and implement your corporate, product or brand story. You are capable to create different story formats aligned with the marketing strategy. You will understand the strategic implications of your choices. You know how apply a proper theme selection and aligned media mix and you will also understand what matters at the execution and production in logical steps. Finally, you are able to get your story produced and organized at all levels of the organization, and make it have the highest impact on media. product design and relations.


What competencies will I have after the training?

When finished this workshop you are capable of:

  • Detecting and unscrambling Stories
  • Understanding the structure of the narrative
  • Thinking, exercising and making storyboards
  • Writing a business story
  • Creating meaningful engagement
  • Organizing the story for content, product design and relations
  • Producing and managing top materials
  • Applying the story both physical and online

Evert Jan Koning

Evert Jan Koning has over 20 years of experience with innovation, design and communications. He is a renowned expert at designing smart concepts, intuitive communication tools, business stories and collaborative communication formats that unite and support people. Evert Jan Koning is also an author and writer of brand scenario’s.

Earlier Evert Jan Koning worked in various roles at recognized and awarded agencies like Image Factory, Bright Alley, KPN, Tappan Communications, Share of Mind, Radio Netherlands Worldwide Training Centre (RNTC) and  The day Charlie had the collywobbles.

More about Evert Jan


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