Service design is a way to design customer happiness.

Happiness is a complex matter. So we do agree that an experiment can prove to be very valuable, before we launch a new service. Service design is an amalgamation of various form of design, marketing, strategic management, operations and social sciences.

A service design project with us starts with your customer. Because no part of service design is so decisive for succes as his or her needs, dreams and expectations. We use a variety of tried and tested methods and models, being the bridge to innovation. With our creativity and business acumen we realize tangible, visible and measurable improvement.

Service Design Blueprint


Every day thousands of contact moments have an impact on both service, reputation and brand. We see it as our duty to design the perfect customer service that brings together al contact moment in a perfect design. Our service design skills are focussed on creating ‘moments of truth’.

Moments of truth decide whether your customer sticks with you, or considers leaving you. 

Customer Journey

customerjourneyCustomers or online users don't judge your customer journey; they quit or they stick. So to make sure new customers behave as engaged as your fanbase does we design both content, structure and narratives.

A good customer journey's shapes the structure for website or app. A truly effective customer journey however serves the entire brand ecosystem and creates brand preference.


Human Centered Design

humancentereddesignHuman Centered Design is more than just getting the perfect service. It is not about shaping a customer process only, it is actually about solving a complete problem of social nature. With human centered design we plug into the physical world, the context and the human experience.

Human centered design often leads to exciting new business opportunities.