wenpSituation. Winston & Partners is a network of partners focusing on social development  in organizations. Bearing in mind that people have fun with their work, the company developed and expanded, still founded on the still important principles at the start. By starting with networking Winston & Partners grew from a group of self-employed consultants and trainers to a compact and agile work frame. W&P lacked the knowledge. awareness and tools to connect to the current opportunities technology offers.

Approach. VUE offered advice and practical implementation of digital and social tooling, designed and developed the digital media and visuals. VUE provided training and ensured the bureau’s ability to create it’s own content and stories, opening and engaging the conversation based on research.

Outcome. W&P is now happily and comfortably working on compelling compelling issues and the guiding learning and change at both the individual employee, the team and the organization through the use of new media.

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