medialabkleurMediaLAB s part of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is a creative, interdisciplinary Amsterdam based studio where students and researchers work together on innovative and interactive media research projects for Creative Industries. MediaLAB conducts applied research on innovative interactive media, focussing on urban screens, locative media, data visualization, gaming, the future of publishing and e-learning.

For MediaLAB VUE directed a series of classes on the roles of storytelling in design and for the use of the alumni pitching innovative concepts to corporate organizations. The concepts VUE worked o are Google Glass, 3D Fashion and Internet of Things. VUE was later asked to support the market introduction of one of the most promising concepts: Grüt. Grüt is an Internet of Things concept; a kit that helps children grow their own crops with the help of a set of sensors and an app. The sensors measure the condition (light, temperature and soil) of the plant. This information is sent to an app that provides feedback to the kids, in the form of virtual buddy.