tueTU Eindhoven University hosted the congres ‘Team Up with your Customers’, based on the rise, development and impact of communities. TU / E asked Evert Jan to do a presentation on the emerging influence of customer owners and co-creation on technology, design of products.

Questions at the congress were: How do communities influence the reputation and image of companies and brands? How can communities contribute to the process of innovation? And how can communities be involved in the realization of objectives?

The congress consisted of 6 workshops (open brands, brand hijacking, co-creation, connected innovation, city marketing, games) and 7 presentations.  Speakers: Caroline Wiertz (City University London), Martijn Staal (TNO), Jeffrey Raskeyn (HP) Joop van Odenhoven (Confirma), Constantijn Baarendse (Coca-Cola), Eduard de Wilde (VODW) and Evert Jan Koning (VUE). 350 students attended.