Situation. The day Charlie had the collywobbles is a creative agency fully directed at the writing and design of branded content & stories. The agency was established by a group of creatives, film makers, photographers, graphic designers and digital strategists. The assignment to design both name and digital media was given to VUE.

Approach. Naming isn’t for the faint of heart. Start with the fact that it’s personal and subjective. And with the fact that so many names are taken as a web domain. VUE we developed and produced a new strategy and concept around storytelling for organizations and brands, and we helped with the digital strategy. Starting with a solid information and user research and formulating the goals of Collywobbles a blueprint was offered, followed by a name strategy and engagement strategy, monitoring the reactions of the draft name carefully.

Outcome. The name The day Charlie had the collywobbles always lifts a smile, and fun fact is that this brand name is a story in itself.

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