Situation. Rotterdam takes pride in a new and better form of cooperation between the city administration, the district, urban authorities and citizens to solve city problems.

Approach. VUE opted for a strategy and digital application of means that are both guarded and activated by the people of Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam. Together with VUE the Rotterdam City Council introduced a collaborative and digital pilot program carrying out city policy on safety and quality of life in the neighborhoods, wanting to involve and engage citizen making the city safer and more social. Priorities in the strategy were to increase awareness and commitment to tackling anti-social behavior, and bring a sense of urgency to the front door. An important role is for residents themselves. They can make their neighborhood safer joining the platform; a Google-based website where citizens can identify problems at street level, propose solutions and demonstrate commitment

Outcome. Together with CCTV and City Surveillance watching annoyances the pilot led to a significant decrease of garbage, dog nuisance, safety and traffic offenses. More than 19.000 Rotterdam citizens took part.