Evert Jan Koning is an experienced and skilled speaker both in class format as for larger audiences. He is available for any inspirational meetup, presentation, in company class and corporate presentation. His style is open, approachable and with reflection. And since design is nothing more than the product of social and societal behaviour a presentation of Evert Jan is one filled with humour and paradoxes.


Please get in touch for more details.

Trend Presentations

Each year we see new trends surfacing in the world of design. From shallow fads that don't stand the test of time to new influences on design that will endure for years to come, these trends will continue to shape the way products, services and media are created and designed.

Evert Jan is happy to share a sneak peak into the the changing world of crucial trends in technology, design and consumer behaviour that will serve as an eye opener to many of you.


Many of you may prefer to get the energy and inspiration on your own ground and make it as interactive and local as possible. A class would answer to that need and will give plenty of opportunity to share the inspiration and translate it into ideas for your organization.

Any VUE contributor is happy to organize an in house innovation class on the specific trend that keeps you awake or inspires you.

Large Audiences

Some issues, themes of developments ask for a larger audience.

Evert Jan Koning is a dynamic speaker in the field of insights, innovation and the actual application of powerful trends that move people, products and organizations forward.

Please take notice that any topic can be personalized to your company and industry.